In his early twenties Michael was diagnosed with an inoperable, and ultimately terminal, tumor. Not knowing how long he had to live, his girlfriend and he decided to get married even though he was not yet finished with college. This decision became problematic, as if he was married, he would lose his parents’ medical benefits. I solemnized Michael and Lisa’s marriage in our sanctuary, a Rite of the faith, in the eyes of God and the church. In this particular instance, the state and church were in separation. St. Peter’s even waived fees and helped the couple financially. An Easter moment.

Carol was a single mother and student at Elmhurst College. She was in danger of losing her apartment, as she was between jobs. Although she had never set foot inside St. Peter’s, I was asked by staff at the college if we might help her out. Through our Caring Presence Fund, the family remained housed and safe until the time when Carol was back on her feet, and able to get most of the gift back to us. An Easter moment.

Pete is the father of a student at Sandburg Middle School in Elmhurst. He needed some help, and being a resident of Elmhurst he was eligible to visit the Elmhurst Walk-in Assistance Network (Ministry) which is permanently housed rent-free in our St. Peter’s lower level. Our congregation is not only a co-founder of this ministry, we also continue to generously support its work. Pete was able to get help with utility bills and car repairs (shout out to Mehta Motors). An Easter moment.

The story of Easter comes at the end of each of the four gospels in the New Testament. But Easter is really about beginnings. It is a comma in God’s story of love for humanity through Christ– not a period. Changing Tomorrows is our ongoing yearly invitation for all of us who love St. Peter’s Church to give generously for our work outside the church’s walls. These funds serve, feed, house, clothe, and transform countless individuals and families. Our Deacons will be sharing creative ways to give to Changing Tomorrows, which involve Facebook, Tithely, and other methods of expressing generosity. There are
also special envelopes in the lobby.

I wish you many Easter moments during this glorious resurrection season.

God’s peace,

Dr. Rich Wolf