Dear Fellow St. Peter’s Members:

Your birthday could be the gift that helps St. Peter’s reach its goal of $75,000 for 2018 for the Changing Tomorrows program. A birthday fundraiser on Facebook could make small donations from your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues have a big impact for the benefit of Changing Tomorrows.

In the Changing Tomorrows program, we offer gifts to God towards others in need, making a difference in their lives through our faithful gift sharing. Changing Tomorrows is our mission to help others in the name of God, as witnesses of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

St. Peter’s is seeking to grow Changing Tomorrows by 50% from 2017’s total; from $50,000 to $75,000. In order to meet a challenge like that, in this case we are not asking you to dig deeper, but to reach farther.

Utilizing Facebook’s viral fundraising capabilities, we can reach beyond the members of

St. Peter’s and its community of faith to fulfill the mission of Changing Tomorrows.

The members of St. Peter’s are just one component of the greater St. Peter’s community of faith. Our community is here and there, it is near and far. It’s made up of family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and even strangers. Your personal Facebook community is an extension of ours, connected by friendship, love, faith, fellowship and blood.

Mark your birthday with love by asking your family and friends on Facebook to share their gifts in your honor with a contribution to St. Peter’s Changing Tomorrows.

To set up a Facebook fundraiser, go to the St. Peter’s Facebook page and click on Create a Fundraiser. If you need help, look online at

Since there are no fees charged by Facebook for donations to not-for-profits, every dollar donated goes to Changing Tomorrows.

At St. Peter’s we are called to love God, nurture faith and share gifts. You can do all three and give a most meaningful gift to those in need on your birthday.


Board of Deacons

P.S. If you are not on Facebook, this is a great time and reason to join.