Twenty two of us returned from our week in Port Arthur, TX, safe and sound, on February 16th. Thank you so much for all your thoughts and prayers.

Hurricane Harvey, with it’s 45” of rain, transformed an impoverished county into a flooded community needing assistance that a group like ours could lend.

Just like the previous 15 mission trips, this was a meaningful one filled with hard work, sweat, laughter, joy, sadness, fun, great food, and most importantly, many God moments.

If your schedule ever allows you to go on a St. Peter’s Adult Mission Trip in the future, DO IT! We promise it will prove to be one of the greatest weeks of your life.

St. Peter’s Mission Trippers:

  • Scott Ahlgrim
  • Dan & Joan Anderson
  • Suzanne Berry
  • Rita Borzym
  • Claudia & Dave Burgener
  • Teresa Burns
  • Daniel & Jan Caudy
  • Brian Graves
  • Jim & Susie Labunski
  • Bob Maxwell
  • June Nikoleit
  • Larry Nunamaker
  • Kent & Susie Sands
  • Ralph & Karen Westendorf
  • Tom & Chris Wood
  • Dave Elkow