During Holy Week (or sometime there about), I try to find time to watch the movie-musical Jesus Christ Superstar. It’s one of my traditions. Sometimes I get to watching it; other times I simply listen to the soundtrack in my car. Most of the time I’m exhausted but somehow this tradition has provided an even deeper meaning and understanding to Holy Week.

The movie-musical traces the remaining days of Jesus’ life, so basically, Holy Week. We see him and his disciples before the march into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and we are left at the cross at the end of the movie. The tunes are catchy and I love the 1970’s garb. I’ve seen the stage production twice and the last time I was moved to tears. The all African American cast turned those operatic rock numbers into gospel.

Of all the contemplation, study and prayer we do, or I do, during Lent, there’s something about Holy Week, walking in those steps of Jesus and his final moments on earth. Holy Week reminds me of how human Jesus was. Perhaps that’s my perception after too many viewings of Jesus Christ Superstar but there’s something about the emotions he has during this one week. Humble when washing the disciples’ feet and angry at the money changers in the Temple. So completely human.

And then there’s us. The emotions in us, too. One minute we’re singing “Hosanna!” and then we’re left weeping at the cross and closed tomb. In the span of a week, we’ve gone from singing and dancing to mourning to elation and jubilation. Crazy.

This Lent, I invite all to walk in Jesus’ footsteps during our Holy Week Festival on April 7. This is more for our families and children, as the stories and activities are more hands on and more geared towards the children. However, I’ve also found sometimes we need to approach our faith like a child. (Didn’t Jesus remind us of that, too?) Sometimes when we create a craft or play a game revolving around our faith, around the Biblical stories, we’re given the opportunity to see the story differently.

If you’re interested in the Holy Week Festival, please sign up on the Parish Hall, so Jennifer Petkus, our Director of Children’s Ministry, and I may know who to expect. Blessings to you all as the final days of Lent approach and the Alleluias! of Easter draw near.


Pastor Amanda