This week work began on step one of a technology upgrade for St. Peter’s sanctuary. St. Peter’s will now have a system in place for people with hearing aids to be able to hear the Sunday worship services and other events in our sanctuary much better. 

For some people with a common type of hearing aid, no additional technology is necessary. For others, there will be new headsets for them to hear better in church. There will be special signs indicated pews were the new technology works.

Step two in the technology upgrade for the sanctuary is planned for in the new year. This step, pending approval from the church council, will include upgrading the sound system from analog to digital, allowing us greater flexibility with newer technologies.

Step three, also pending church council approval, will include adding a drop down projection screen at the front arch in the sanctuary by the bell of the speaker system. We will also add a projector positioned where the clock is currently against the back wall below the balcony.

Also, a control desk will be added in the balcony, on the south side. And a control panel will be added in the usher’s closet, complete with preset controls for different uses of the technology.

In the meantime, St. Peter’s may start to use a large screen TV in the Sanctuary from time to time to help us prepare for the use of the drop down screen.

The multi-step approach was approved by church council at a special meeting in June. Step one of the project is expected to cost about $14,000. 

Further updates will be shared as the council moves forward with the implementation of the next steps.

Members of the Sanctuary Technology Task Force include Laura Morel, Rick King and chair John Lothian. Dr. Wolf is the staff advisor.