The Long Range Vision Team recently completed a summit led by an outside consultant as part of the Jeremiah Project we are using to create a vision and plan for the church.

Rev. Timothy Rhodes, who has ties to St. Peter’s from his days as a student at Elmhurst College, led the summit. Attending the summit were mostly leaders of the small groups held over the summer and fall and other members of the Long Range Vision Team and church leaders. During the summit, the group identified key themes and principles that emerged from the small group discussions. These were then prioritized by the group through discussion and voting.

From the data produced from the summit, a group from the Long Range Vision Team steering committee will be writing a report. This report will be used in the next step of the process, which is discernment. 

The LRVT steering committee hopes to have the written report phase done by mid-January and start the discernment segment of the process soon after. The discernment team will be made up of members from the LRVT steering committee, whose members include chairman John Lothian, vice chairman Chris Heath, Kathy Maxwell, Tom Wood, Lisa Shurba and Julie Coan and Pete Markuson. Dr. Wolf is the staff liaison.