St. Peter’s Coronavirus Response Plan As a church, we seek to “Love God, Nurture Faith, and Share Gifts.” Caring for one another, and serving the common good, are key to doing this. For the good of the congregation, and our neighbors in the world, there are things we can and cannot do during these difficult days. What we CAN do:

Pray. Pray for the church, its leaders, for one another, and for the whole world.

Make our needs and desires known. Feel free to call upon your pastors for anything you may need, or just to talk. They don’t have all the answers, but they know of many resources both within and outside the congregation.

Click on the “Web Worship” video link each week. We will soon begin creating a Web Worship video for all to view each week. It will include a sermon, music, scripture readings, and prayers. This will be the closest to weekly worship that we have. When they become available each week, an email will go out with a link. We will probably also be able to link to it via the St. Peter’s website and Facebook page.

Light a candle each Sunday morning at 9:30AM. That is when we light the candles in the sanctuary, and it is a way of faithfully binding us together.  Open, and read, the email updates from the church. As we have all seen with our state and national governments, news and plans change quickly. We will try to keep you informed about the life of the church, and any changes to this plan, as new information becomes available.

Please stay current with your monetary offerings and tithes. We still have a building to keep up, and a staff payroll to meet during this crisis. If you give via automatic deduction from your bank, or using Tithely, we thank you. If you use offering envelopes, or give in other ways, please either mail in your contributions, or visit to support your church.

What We CANNOT do:

Gather to worship on Sunday mornings. Sunday morning worship and Disciple Zone have been cancelled for Sundays March 22 and 29, and April 5. We are holding out hope that we might resume weekly worship on Easter, but please check emails for updates. More on Web Worship later this week. (more below)

Meet and fellowship. There will be no meetings, classes, outside group gatherings, or music group rehearsals until further notice, except for purposes of essential or crisis-related business of the church. Funerals and memorial services will be small or postponed.

Drop by the office. Office hours and the availability of the pastors and support staff will be irregular. Some may be working from home from time to time. Please do not stop by the church without calling first, to make sure the staff person you wish to see is available (630-530-6000). The pastors’ personal phone numbers are listed above. The ministers and lay leaders thank everyone in the church for your patience, support, and prayers.