Trustees Annual Report


This year was a challenge for the Trustees because even though most of the year was interrupted by the Covid Pandemic with the building closed, we still required significant maintenance and repairs.


By far the largest and most complicated project in 2020 was the total replacement of the roof over the Choir Alcove.  This are has been leaking intermittently for decades causing water damage to the ceiling and plaster walls.


The Trustees spent $32k from the Endowment funds to replace weather damaged brick, re-configure a new roof away from the alcove, add a downspout, and create a copper work of art that is almost invisible from the street.  This was completed in September and we feel will stop the winter leaks once and for all.

DUCT CLEANER ( Covid Killer)

Thanks to a donation from a member, the Trustees installed (4) electrostatic air cleaner systems on the active air ducts.  These kill bacteria and viruses using UV lights, ozone, and other non toxic non invasive oxidizers to purge the air of harmful air borne contaminants.  This was done to provide the purest air for the building when services resume in 2021.  These have been active since June to help sanitize the air inside the building to levels near that in many medical facilities.  This will improve the building “health” going forward.


The Ceiling on the North Portico was patched and repainted after the 2019 stone repairs project was complete.




A large branch on a tree at the Cemetery fell and was cut up and disposed of by the Trustees.  The damaged 80 year old fir tree in front of the old entrance was cut down and removed to prevent any future storm damage.




The Church steam cleaner was not operating correctly.  It was disassembled, cleaned and modified and now operates correctly allowing us to Clean the Carpets in the lobby ahead of reopening the building in 2021.





In October we had (2) instances of constantly leaking toilets that were only detected by the city water flow alarms.  This is a problem with uninhabited buildings because no one is there to detect leaks.  The plumber repaired 2 toilets in September and in a second instance we rebuilt the valves in 4 other toilets.




Special Thanks to Greg Boehm who donated his painting talents to the refinishing of the South Entrance Doors.  They should be good for another 5 years.





  1. The chimney draft inducing blower motor failed soon after the heating season started which was replaced.
  2. A water circulation pump motor for the hot water heat to the office failed and was replaced.
  3. The float control on a steam condensate pump failed which caused the newly repaired pump seal to fail. Those have all been repaired in December.


The approved 2020 Trustees budget was $70k.

Actual 2020 Expenditures for budget line items will be close to $65K, which was reduced somewhat by the fact that we had less air conditioning and heating with the building closed since March.

Note that the cost of the roof work and other required repairs indicated above cost an additional $45K (outside of budget)  which came from Endowment and other special gifts funds.  This  meant that the actual expenditures for the building maintenance and operation in 2020 was close to $110K.

David Burgener

Trustee Chair