St. Peter’s is taking a giant leap forward in 2022 by deploying a new software platform that is one system for the whole church. St. Peter’s is introducing the Realm church management software in 2022 that is cloud based, accessible from your smartphone, tablet or computer and used by members, leaders and staff alike.

Realm offers individual and family profiles that allow members to keep their contact information and pictures up to date. Realm also allows users to communicate with other members through Realm, by email, or text or chat.

Groups at St. Peter’s can use the events functionality to schedule and promote events to their members and the rest of the church family.

Giving history and online giving functionality are part of the Realm system. You can see in real-time what your pledge is and how much you have fulfilled it so far. You can give online right through Realm.

Realm allows leaders to check in members of groups at various events and users can check themselves in to worship, in-person or web worship.

The active use of Realm by the church will produce data that can be used by St. Peter’s staff and lay leaders to respond to the needs of the St. Peter’s community and the church.

The Realm software will make it easier for St. Peter’s to engage with each other and fulfill the many goals and plans from our Long Range Vision Team recommendations.

Realm will help us grow the St. Peter’s and its ministry like never before.

If you would like to be part of the soft launch of Realm, contact me at

Yours in Christ,

John J. Lothian
Communications Ministry Team