Ministry Team Vision

Why ministry teams?  Ministry teams enhance the ability of the members of  St. Peter’s Church to participate in the life and mission of the church.  The standing committees of the past worked well for some, but others found it difficult to serve when this system was in place.

First, the standing committees required a three year commitment to service. Circumstances often prevented people from being able to make that three year commitment, therefore, some people who would have liked to participate more fully in the life and mission of the church were not able to share their talents.  Also, the work of many standing committees was often wide ranging.  Despite the best efforts of the nominating committee to match committee members to appropriate committees, there were still times when people found themselves being asked to do work that was not a match for their talents.

Ministry teams solve both the time and talents problems. Ministry teams afford each of us opportunities to serve St. Peter’s for as long as we are able, in areas where our hearts and talents lie. There are ongoing ministry teams, (for example, the teams that provide support to the church in areas such as: communion servers, greeters, and ushers).  There are ministry teams formed for specific tasks, (such as the team that formed to make the “Bunny Breakfast” a successful event).  That team was a great example of the type of short term commitment you might make.  The team formed because they had a specific mission.  To accomplish it they met only to discuss the breakfast, were assigned tasks relating only to the breakfast, and disbanded after their successful event!  (All of this took place over a time period of less than a month.)

There are new teams forming all the time.  Some of them are forming to accomplish tasks that no one had considered tackling when we were constrained by the committee format we used to have.  For example, we have a team that has formed to explore the history of St. Peter’s and preserve the documents that chronicle our church life.  We have a team that has formed because they wanted wedding participants to find a welcoming person representing St. Peter’s when they arrived at our church on their wedding day.

Ministry teams make it much easier for you to serve St. Peter’s!  You can choose to join an existing team at any time, for as long as you are able to serve.  You can form a new ministry team any time the spirit inspires you.  Contact a pastor or any member of the church council and you will find someone who can facilitate your participation in an existing or new Ministry team.

The council prayerfully considered this change to ministry teams and we believe this is a way for all to participate more fully in the mission of the church: Love God, Nurture Faith, Share Gifts.  Won’t you prayerfully consider how you would like to participate in your church’s mission?

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