Social Justice

Our Mission Statement

Our social justice mission is to demonstrate solidarity with underserved and marginalized communities through acts of advocacy. We strive to show them support, as well as be informative to the world around us so as tot lessen ignorance and promote understanding.


Love Thy Neighbor

Through “Love Thy Neighbor”, we will provide ways to respond and reflect to the issues of race and privilege in our community, country and world. So much is happening in today’s world. For several months we have sheltered in place as a global pandemic has moved through our communities, churches, friends and families. Over these same months, we have repeatedly seen moments of inequality towards people of color.  These moments call us to consider our role and response as Christians. Through study and advocacy, we will raise our voice to create change and work for peace.

To join the Social Justice Team, contact either of the co-chairs – Ron Searl or Susan Frick.

Update from Social Justice Ministry: Love Thy Neighbor, Be Active, Vote, Study, Support Your Neighbor, Share Your Social Justice Efforts with Others, Join the Social Justice Team

by John Lothian | Aug 31, 2020 | News, Social Justice Ministry, St. Peter’s UCC Elmhurst

Social Justice “Love Thy Neighbor” With all the unrest in our country right now, the St. Peter’s Social Justice Team is focusing on the theme “Love Thy Neighbor.” Jesus calls us to love one another. Now when our world is so divided and we constantly see incidences of…

Update from the Social Justice Team

Welcoming the Stranger: Issues of Migration and Refugees by Susan Frick Sunday, March 8, 2020 On Friday, three of us from St. Peter’s joined the Interfaith Community for Detained Immigrants for a prayer vigil outside an ICE Processing Center in Broadview. This group,…


Susan Frick and Ron Searl to head Social Justice Ministry Team

Susan Frick and her husband Ron Searl have volunteered to head the St. Peter’s Social Justice Ministry Team. The team started earlier and 2019 and is just beginning to set its agenda and plan. Other members of the team include Angela Heinrich, Betsy Aldred,…