Long Range Vision Team

The Church Council of St. Peter’s has established a Long Range Vision Team of members to help the church establish a vision and plan for the future growth of the church. The LRVT is chaired by John Lothian and Chris Heath is the vice chair.

A steering committee of seven members is being established to help guide this 30+ member group through the process. The LRVT will be using the Jeremiah Project from Agile Church Consulting. A copy of the Jeremiah Project template is available on the LRVT bulletin board in the church lobby.

Long Range Vision Team Named

Long Range Vision Team Named

The council of St. Peter's has named members of a Long Range Vision Team, headed by Chairman John Lothian and Vice Chairman Chris Heath. Members of the LRVT include Betsy Aldred, Jenn Aldred, Claudia Burgener, Dave Burgener, Teresa Burns, Julie Coan, Greg Felten, Lisa...

Long Range Vision Team Members

  • Betsy Aldred
  • Jenn Aldred
  • Claudia Burgener
  • Dave Burgener
  • Teresa Burns
  • Julie Coan
  • Greg Felten
  • Lisa Fine
  • Thomas Flock
  • Jan Gooderham
  • Jill Graves
  • Chris Heath – Vice Chair
  • Colleen Heath
  • Jill Johnston
  • Rich King
  • John Kness
  • Susie Labunski
  • Pam Lerud
  • John Lothian – Chair
  • Peter Markuson
  • Kathy Maxwell
  • Rev. Amanda McEvilly – Staff
  • Laura Morel
  • Katie Paul
  • Carol Rounds
  • Tim Rounds
  • Kent Sands
  • Susie Sands
  • Ronald Searl
  • Lisa Shurba
  • Arnie Stein
  • Jay Tiede
  • Dr. Rich Wolf – Staff
  • Margaret Wolf
  • Chris Wood
  • Tom Wood

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