Congratulations! The church shares your joy. A wedding ceremony is an act of worship, at St. Peter’s this means you are affirming your understanding that marriage is a sacred relationship in life. Please contact one of the pastors as soon as you consider a date, you can find their information under “Meet our Staff” in the “About Us” tab. It is very important that the date be reserved on the church calendar as early as possible.



Because this is a worship service of the church, should you include organ music, it is required that the church organist be involved in your ceremony. The organist should be consulted in advance and will be glad to play parts of different musical selections for you to choose. Should you not use the church organist, a $100 release fee will be incurred. A guest soloist may be used and should contact the Director of Music well in advance for rehearsal.  Please select music in consultation with the pastor.


We ask that no flash photography be taken during the service. Your photographer may consult with the pastor on the wedding day. Photographers, either video or still, are not permitted in the front of the sanctuary during the ceremony.



  • Please consult with the pastor if you would like the church to prepare a wedding bulletin for your service.
  • Please avoid using an aisle runner. Loosely laid, that they can be a hazard and the sanctuary carpeting is usually enough.
  • Please do not throw rice, bird seed, etc. after the ceremony. It is damaging to the environment and is difficult to clean up.
  • Please note, alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the St. Peter’s property.


Wedding Expenses

  •  Use of the Church: $600 for non-members (as a non-refundable deposit). There is no charge when either the bride or groom is a member.
  • Officiating Pastor: An honorarium of at least $200 for members and $400 for non-members.
  • Organist:  $200. (An additional $50 will be charged if a separate rehearsal with the vocalist or instrumentalist is required.)
  • Custodian:  $100 for a maximum of four hours. $25 for each hour after. An additional $100 charge if the Parish Hall is used for a reception (church members only).
  • Candelabra and candles: $30 for members; $50 for non-members.
  • Bulletin Printing: $40 in addition to the cost of the bulletin paper stock.


Each check or envelope (for cash gifts) is to be made out to each individual and given to the pastor along with the marriage license on the night of the rehearsal.

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